Whether you require Robo service buddy’s support for a few hours during an event, exclusively on weekends, or as an integral part of your everyday operations, Alphadroid delivers secure, dependable, and adaptable automation and robotic solutions to support your growth and scalability.

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The robot should be kept safe and secure at all times

Electricity should be supplied to the Robot and charging point at all times

Good internet connection should be available at all times

Cleanliness & basic hygiene should always be maintained in & around the robot


Alphadroid robots transform restaurant operations, offering personalised customer service and a hassle-free advertising platform for local businesses to expand their reach using our pay-for-what-you-play model.
Alphadroid has 3 different service packs, head to our pricing page to learn more.
Absolutely! You have the flexibility to choose from any of our plans and upgrade as needed, or we can assist you in tailoring a plan to perfectly align with your unique requirements. Reach out to our customer services team for any other query.
Advertising with Alphadroid is easy through our unique solution. We offer opportunities for all businesses, big or small, through our “pay-for-what-you-play” model. Reach customers seamlessly with our customer service-driven advertising platform. For any more information, reach out to our customer service team.
Yes, certainly. Reach out to our customer service team to know more.
Assist and empower humans through automation, streamlining hospitality services.
“Pay-as-You- Go” is a flexible payment model that allows you to pay for Alphadroid robot based on your actual usage. Instead of committing to a fixed, upfront cost, you only pay for the services or features you use which includes operational software support, service training etc.
10 Kgs on each tray, and each robot comes with 4 trays.
Yes, we provide training materials and resources to help you get started with your Alphadroid robot. You can also reach out to our customer support team for assistance.
Regular maintenance is minimal and includes cleaning, software updates, and occasional hardware checks. Our robots are designed for durability and reliability.
Battery life varies depending on the model and the tasks the robot performs. Typically, our robots can operate for 8 hours on a single charge.
Yes, our robots are equipped with advanced safety features to ensure the well-being of both customers and staff. They can detect obstacles, slow down or stop if necessary, and are programmed to avoid collisions.
If your customer has any special requests or encounters issues with their order, the robot will immediately notify the human staff.
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